The Cries of One Crow

by Valentina Gnup

The cries of one crow can destroy a morning—
somewhere in the world there is always a war.

At Arlington National Cemetery the headstones
rise like white birch stumps in a ruined forest,

armed guards protect the Unknown Soldier,
though what human does not go unknown?

In the National Liberation Museum in Groesbeek,
a Dutch sculptor carves clay soldiers climbing

from their graves, smiling figures offer each other
a hand. Cutting down a tree will not kill its roots.

One crow can torment an entire neighborhood—
whose childhood is not scrabbled in violence,

each plastic grenade an education in war?
The tally of the dead rises like snowmelt in a river,

I cannot unwrite their stories, unbury their graves.
I can only hug the tall tree of my daughter, and

imagine the parents who wait for a soldier who will
never come home. Somewhere in the world

a forest recovers, a stump is sprouting new growth—
give one child a branch, he creates a weapon

give another child a branch, he raises his hands
to conduct a symphony only he will hear.

June 11, 2011

Fotogalerij Wederopstanding / Resurrection

4 Oktober 2011: Eerste prijs voor gedicht, geïnspireerd op
Resurrection. Gemaakt door Valentina Gnup, Oregon, USA

29 Juli 2011: Interview  'Zomer in Gelderland', Omroep Gelderland.

April 2011:

✩ 7 april: Persbericht en interview in Bevrijdingsmuseum Groesbeek op TV-Kanaal 13

✩ 6 april: Artikel door Leo Klaassen, De Gelderlander.

12 Februari 2011: Artikel door Wilma Reinders, De Gelderlander.

6 0ktober 2010: Persbericht Hoog en Laag.

15 September 2010: Artikel door Rick Aalbers, De Gelderlander.

Augustus 2009:

✩ 15 aug: Interview door Wilma Reinders, Dagblad De Gelderlander.

✩ 14 aug: Interview door TV-Gelderland op over toekomstige plaats van het tableau.

12 May 2009: Interview on TV-Gelderland
Interview Omroep Gelderland/Gelderse Koppen.

Maart 2009: Interview met Hanneke Oberink, Hoog en Laag, 10 maart 2009. Klik hier.

October 2009: Joel Pott, leadsinger of Athlete rockband

visited Resurrection in October 2009. Joel wrote his latest hit Black Swan Song as a tribute to his grandfather, Major Pott, who fought in Oosterbeek.

See a fragment of the report of this visit in Black Swan Story

Zanger Joel Pott van de Athlete Rockband
bezocht Resurrection in oktober 2009. Hij schreef zijn nieuwste hit "Black Swan Song" als eerbetoon aan zijn inmiddels overleden grootvader, majoor Pott, die in Oosterbeek gevochten heeft.

Voor een fragment van het filmpje, klik hier: Black Swan Story

Link: Site Operation Market Garden News

November 2009

From: bfgnet - The Official Internet Site of the British Forces in Germany

BFG Community, 1 November 2009

“Sergeant Harry Houghton, 91, of ‘10 Para’ had a dramatic story to tell: “Having parachuted in on Day 2, there was firing all around me. I was hit by shrapnel while trying to hook a gun onto a jeep".
Harry has left a lasting legacy to his comrades who did not survive Arnhem. Local artist Fransje Povel-Speleers drew on Harry’s and others’ dramatic experiences to create a unique ‘terracota’ tableau depicting the fallen emerging from their Arnhem graves and returning to life in their full glory.